Breast Imaging Center

Self-administered questionnaires collect patient entered risk data in the waiting room on a tablet or from home via the web with immediate risk model calculation. Identify patients needing MRI and markedly increase your volume, identify patients needing genetic testing, and improve quality with a rapid ROI! Find out more about our value proposition for breast imaging centers.

Risk Clinic

State-of-the art system collects risk data, draws pedigrees, runs risk models and manages your patient flow and follow-up. The best genetics clinic software available today for any hereditary disease.

Students of Genetics

Free state of the art pedigree drawing software. Great for genetic counseling students and others who want to be more facile in the genetics world.

Current Hughes RiskApps Users

Hughes RiskApps is a suite of software modules developed at Massachusetts General Hospital and the Newton-Wellesley Hospital to help identify and manage women at high risk for hereditary breast cancer and other diseases. Risk stratification and personalized management strategies are made easy. This software is now independently owned and distributed by Hughes RiskApps™

Step 1

Hughes RiskApps allows the patient to input his or her own family history and risk data using a tablet or through a web interface; data may also be entered or edited by a clinician or staff member through a desktop computer.

Step 2

The patient’s data is wirelessly transmitted to the host computer, where the data is analyzed for hereditary and non-hereditary risk. A printout including risk calculations, family history and a graphical pedigree is generated.

Step 3

The data and results can be viewed and edited from any computer in your network. The software has been developed in a modular format, allowing users to choose the modules best suited to their clinical needs.

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